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The human potential of science intensive sphere: development trends

The human potential of science intensive sphere: development trends

Journal of Institutional studies, , Vol. 4 (no. 1),
p. 79-88

The factors that characterize the reproductive processes of scientific personnel in Russia are considered on the basis of state statistics data. The author sets the interdependence between the development level of productive forces, the scientific training structure in the post-graduate education and the researchers distribution by fields of science. On the example of ten regions analysis with the highest researchers number for the period 1995 to 2009, a correspondence between the indicators of the researchers number with scientific degrees, innovative activity level among regions and the condition of their high-tech sector is determined. The reasons that influence the research capacity formation, promote and prevent its development are investigated.

Keywords: post-graduate education; training of scientific personnel; scientific personnel; the reproduction of scientific capacity; the level of productive forces; innovation; diversification of the economy

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