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Management of National Energy Corporations as a Part of Russian Economic Safety

Management of National Energy Corporations as a Part of Russian Economic Safety

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 10 (no. 4),

The article devotes to the problems of analyses the improving directions of strategic management by public energy corporations organizational and economic mechanism as the basics for ensuring economic safety of Russia. The authors focus on the analysis of the dynamics of the main financial indicators of the largest Russian state corporations. The choice of the object is determined by the importance of the fuel and energy sector in the overall scale of the Russian economy. According to the authors, the analyses of the functional peculiarities of the system of state strategic management of general energy corporations reveal the basic laws of the organizational and economic mechanism development of economic safety management for both the fuel and the energy sector and the national economy as a whole. The main state programs and legal acts selected for the study, which arranged and ordered according to the degree of subordination and importance for strategic planning at the state level. Analyzing the current state of the organizational and economic mechanism of strategic management of the largest state Energy corporations of fuel and energy branch, the authors paid special attention to the study of the logic of the functioning of business models of the largest energy corporations.

Keywords: Energy sector of economy; strategic management; economic safety; strategy peculiarities; organizational and economic mechanism

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