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Public Procurement as One of the Institutions of New Industrial Policy

Public Procurement as One of the Institutions of New Industrial Policy

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 8 (no. 4),

The article shows the role of public procurement in the formation of the new economic policy. It is proved that the public procurement market is a source of in-vestment in the economy. Analyzed the role of certain prohibitions and restrictions on a policy of import substitution. The application of national treatment to limit the turnover of foreign products was used in the 19th century and is widely used in modern industrial policy, especially in the procurement of goods through the state and municipal budgets. In this regard, the article highlights some issues and ques-tions that arise in state and municipal customers in the provider definition, if a ban or restriction on the purchase of foreign products. Namely, denotes the problem of determining the country of origin of goods, especially when a normative act does not contain reference to any document. For example, procurement of certain medi-cal devices expressed concerns that certain restrictions on the purchase of foreign products can lead to the creation of artificial monopoly in the market, which in turn can lead to lower quality of goods. This article uses the normative legal acts adopted within the framework of national treatment as of December 2017.

Keywords: contract system; new industrial policy; import substitution; pro-hibitions and restrictions in procurement; procurement; national treatment

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