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Theoretical Aspects in Developing Directions for Risking Terroristic Threats for National Economy

Theoretical Aspects in Developing Directions for Risking Terroristic Threats for National Economy

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 8 (no. 4),

The current stage of the existence of the world community is characterized by an ever-increasing level of threat of the emergence of undesirable effects on the world economy of acts of a terrorist nature. Historical facts show that such phenomenon as terrorism can take place in any state of the world, regardless of the standard of living of the population, education and other factors. However, studies in this area still show that countries with an underdeveloped economy and a low standard of living of the population are more likely to be affected by terrorist acts. Such states can act as the "cradle" of terrorism and this, first of all, affects their economic and social situation. But practice shows that terrorism is capable of spreading actively around the world, therefore, an important element in preventing the emergence of terrorism is the construction of an integral system of national economic security, with a special place to search for and develop methods and approaches to reduce the risks of terrorist threat. The article is devoted to the consideration of topical issues of the theory of the emergence of a terrorist threat, as well as the possible negative impact of terrorist acts on the national economy, its security and stability. In addition, the article suggests an improved scheme of risks of the national economy, as well as a scheme of types of diversification of risks of a terrorist threat, and a mechanism for managing the risk of a terrorist threat to the national economy has been developed.

Keywords: national economy, terrorist threat, security, stability, risk

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