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The Use of Lean Production Techniques as the Basis of Innovative Development of Region

The Use of Lean Production Techniques as the Basis of Innovative Development of Region

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 8 (no. 2),

In article methods, the principles and the main tools of technology of "economical production" are investigated. The possibility of application of "the concept the economical region" at the level of regional economies is analyzed. In the conditions of the policy of import substitution realized now in Russia, economical technologies, in our opinion, need to be considered as a basis of further innovative development of regions. Recently the philosophy of "economical production" which arose in Japan actively takes root the management of the Russian enterprises which treat, in particular such large organizations as: LLC Gazpromneft-Khantos, PJSC Rosneft, PJSC Sberbank, PJSC Gorky Automobile Plant, RUSAL United company, PJSC Kamaz, etc. The philosophy of "economical production" is implemented by means of certain tools and the principles. Treat the basic principles of economical technologies: probe of the existing losses, drop of negative consequences from the found losses by special methods and tools, and also monitoring of efficiency of functioning of system in general. The traditional tools used in the course of "economical production" are: mapping of a stream of creation of value, the 5S system, kaizen, visual management, the standardized operational instructions, kanban, bystry readjustment, general care of the equipment, "the extending production", etc. Use of the principles and instruments of "economical production" in business management and the region allows to increase many times their general competitiveness and to provide transition of regional economy to new qualitative level. In this regard, the question of whether technologies of "economical production" the main of innovative development of regions are becomes very urgent.

Keywords: technology, economical production, innovative development, social and economic development, region

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