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Marketing Integration for the Implementation of Territorial and Sectoral Approach to the Management of Electricity Development

Marketing Integration for the Implementation of Territorial and Sectoral Approach to the Management of Electricity Development

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 8 (no. 2),

This article contains a proposal for a new approach to management of development of electric power in the multi-level governance system. To improve the effectiveness of the multi-level governance is offered by the wide use of marketing. Tools of investment marketing can be used to match demand and supply, using all levels of management. To do this, the subjects at every level of government carried out an identical procedure horizontal integration of sectoral and territorial marketing. Isolated, and then analyzed and evaluated by territorial competitive position and industry competitive position. Then, based on analysis and evaluation of produced competitive position produced directions of development and formed investment proposals. After conducted custom PESTanalysis, which is proposed to use as a tool for analysis and evaluation of investment demand subjects of external control levels and, in fact, is a vertically integrated marketing in the multi-level governance system. With this approach, each actively involved in the mechanism of the subject of management has the ability to efficiently allocate "through the corridors" of investment development, to select appropriate investment proposals. Goal setting, recording and evaluation of the competitive position in the performance of the above procedures can effectively compare and coordinate investment demand with investment proposals in the complex structure of multi-level governance. The use of horizontal and vertical integration of marketing in this system greatly increases the efficiency of management by taking into account the scale and evaluation of internal and external market factors.

Keywords: competitive positions; marketing integration; development of territories; industry; a PESTanalysis; «through the corridors» investment development

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