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The Theory of the Credit Basis and Its Use in Modern Economy

The Theory of the Credit Basis and Its Use in Modern Economy

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 8 (no. 2),

The credit continues to remain an important source of investments in national economy development. Its development, however, isn't followed by adequate studying of theoretical problems. It is considered that the credit as the theory item is already fully studied and problems of its practical use are more important. In spite of the high practical significance of the credit knowledge his basic theoretical questions remain far not completely researched which significantly constrains an effective use of the credit in economy. In this article the attempt to reveal the most significant problems and delusions interfering development of the credit is made. Considering the important initial questions of society for theoretical problems the author reveals those from them which have essential practical value and require more active researches.

Keywords: credit, money, banks, methodology, categories, essence, functions, role, stages, borders, inflation, crisis, anti-recessionary regulation, evolution

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