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Integrated Assessment of the Functioning of the Centre of Competenceas as a Public Administration Instrument

Integrated Assessment of the Functioning of the Centre of Competenceas as a Public Administration Instrument

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 8 (no. 1),

The paper presents the researching results related to integrated quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the management competence center efficiency as a tool for public administration. The state of the public administration system at the present stage of its development is analyzed, which revealed a number of inconsistencies, the occurrence of which is associated with the current dysfunctional public administration tools. Elimination of the revealed contradictions will contribute to the implementation of management competence center as a special structural unit, providing control of the intellectual potential of the expert community, aimed at addressing the socially significant tasks. Assessment of competence management center efficiency involves extensive quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of budget expenditures and quality of resource efficiency, providing social and economic growth for the period.

Keywords: public administration; competence management center; integrated assessment; effectiveness.

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