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Industrial and Procurement Policy: Interaction Problems

Industrial and Procurement Policy: Interaction Problems

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 7 (no. 4),

The hypothesis of the state policy modernization as an instrument of the institutional design is offered in the paper and justified by the example of a new industrial policy in Russia. The need of the modernization of the industrial policy was actualized by the global financial crisis 2008-2009 as the first crisis in the post-industrial (service) economy. In developed countries, which have been replacing their industries in developing countries for the past three decades, this modernization is being made as a reshoring – the return of the exported industries on the country territory, in Russia – as a reindustrialization (neoindustrialization). Although procurement and industrial state policies are sustainable parts of the state economic policy, the author shows that procurement state policy have high potential for stimulating national industry development. Particularly, institutionalization of some procurement bans for governmental needs for some kinds of industrial products had high positive effect on the dynamic of this industries in 2016. Some measures to improve the efficiency impact of procurement policies to encourage industrial development are supposed in the paper.

Keywords: industrial policy; procurement policy; reshoring; reindustrialization; industrial parks; public procurement; import substitution.

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