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Economic risks of the system of state and municipal procurement

Economic risks of the system of state and municipal procurement

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 4),

In the paper the audit of economic risks at all stages of procurement for state and municipal needs from both customers and bidders is carried out on the basis of the implementation of the integrated approach . Stages in the procurement under a single contract system, which is characterized by the high economic risks are planning, supplier selection, conclusion and execution of the contract. A number of the measures according to the localization of economic risks are offered, in particular the implementation of compliance programs, which institutionalize the compliance by the organization, anti-corruption legislation; increasing qualification of specialists in public procurement and increased control through centralization of procurement.

Keywords: the contract system; economic risks; supplier selection; risks of corruption; stages of procurement; the schedule; the subject matter of the procurement; the transparency of enforcement the contract; compliance program

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