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Budgetary risks: options of trajectories

Budgetary risks: options of trajectories

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 4),

Today research of a perspective of the budgetary risk is rather actively conducted in scientific community. Nevertheless, realities testify that process of judgment of the category "budgetary risk" is in the beginning of a research way. It is important to solve scientific problems: to classify the budgetary risks and to define options of trajectories of their development on prospect. One of versions of the solution of the first task division of risks into 3 groups on 5 risks in each group is. The increase or decrease in level of each of the considered risks forms its unique trajectory. However unlike the first scientific task, "Growth", "Stabilization" and "Decrease" is about a limited set of options of trajectories with combinations of vectors here. Importance of definition of a vector of development of the budgetary risks allows to concentrate at their assessment on narrower circle of factors that not only simplifies actually procedure of an assessment, but also approaches to possibility of addition of separate budgetary risks for the purpose of receiving the general resultant risk.

Keywords: budgetary risk; classification of risks; trajectories of risks

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