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Import substitution strategy as one of the priority directions of revival of the coal industry in the Rostov region

Import substitution strategy as one of the priority directions of revival of the coal industry in the Rostov region

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 4),

In the conditions of an economic crisis, threat of world recession and external economic pressure upon the forefront there are two priority economic tasks: maintaining economic and social stability and promote economic growth of the Russian economy and its regions. In a difficult foreign policy and external economic situation the Russian regions need the mobilization economic policy directed on full support of investors, enterprise initiatives and innovations, and also consolidation of all available economic resources in the most significant for economic growth regional projects and programs. The paper describes the prerequisites for the establishment of the program of import substitution in the coal mining industry of the Rostov region, aimed at the development of a regional manufacturer of products and technologies that can bring the market to a higher level of equipment for the maintenance of stability in the conditions of limited supply of components and materials from abroad.

Keywords: import substitution; coal industry; development problems; prospects; investments

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