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The development vector of the treasury technologies in order to improve the efficiency of financial resources management

The development vector of the treasury technologies in order to improve the efficiency of financial resources management

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 3),

The current social-economic situation in the country is accompanied by a sharp reduction of budgetary allocations, which in turn actualizes the problem of creation of conditions providing sustainable economic development, as well as unconditional fulfillment of state obligations, primarily social. Course on the solution of these tasks is defined in the plan of priority measures for the sustainable development of economy and social stability, signed in January 2015 by the Government of the Russian Federation. The paper notes that in the beginning of the budget cuts period all outputs of the budget reform were aimed at improving the quality of public (municipal) finances, at creation the conditions most effective use of state (municipal) financial resources. The specific essence of reforms is to move to active methods of management of budget resources and to use new financial instruments that ensure the effectiveness of state (municipal) spending. The author emphasizes that the achievement of objectives largely depends on the Federal Treasury. In this regard, the author investigates the process of technology improvement of the Treasury execution of the budget, the scale of which was determined by the program "Modernization of the Treasury system of the Russian Federation" and direction of the Strategic map of the Treasury of Russia for the period 2015-2019. Special attention is paid to the complex events that determine the vector of development of Treasury technologies in order to improve the efficiency of financial resources management.

Keywords: Treasury execution of the budget; Treasury technology; cash management; effectiveness of financial resources management.

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