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Principles of state policy regulation of alcohol branch: historical-genetic analysis

Principles of state policy regulation of alcohol branch: historical-genetic analysis

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 6 (no. 3),

This paper analyzes the background, principles and forms of realization of the state policy in the sphere of production and sale of alcohol in pre-revolutionary Russia and the Soviet Union from the perspective of historical and genetic approach. The analysis shows that the implementation of state regulatory policy in this area is complex and should not be confined only to the problem of alcohol abuse and treatment of alcohol dependence. In this regard development of alcoholic branch has contradictory character in a certain degree. On the one hand, the income (taxes) from sale of alcohol makes a considerable share of the state budget, on the other hand, established the scale of human consumption of alcohol provoke negative social and demographic problems.

Keywords: alcoholic products; government policies regulating the alcohol industry; alcohol industry; alcohol market; alcohol abuse; dealcoholation.

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