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The Issue of Early Stage Language Professionalism for Bachelors Specializing in Economics

The Issue of Early Stage Language Professionalism for Bachelors Specializing in Economics

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 5 (no. 1),
p. 128-133

This paper considers the practical aspects of professionally oriented language proficiency for Bachelor specializing in Economics. Among the most significant competences of any specialist who deals with ESP discourse competence seems one of the required. To develop this competence it is necessary to teach ESP in the course of which students learn to solve communicative problems. The paper also summarizes the experience of teaching a practical English course at non-language faculties and raises the issue of establishing a system of continuous language education. The paper suggests possible ways of forming the foundations of early stage language professionalism through teaching ESP in special classes at school or special correction groups at university.

Keywords: early stage language professionalism; competence approach; professional discourse; discursive competence; profile-oriented training; continuous language education; English for special purposes (ESP)

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