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Transportation Engineering: Competition Issues in the Stage of Reforming of Railway Industry

Transportation Engineering: Competition Issues in the Stage of Reforming of Railway Industry

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 5 (no. 1),
p. 95-103

The author analyzes the intermediate results of reforming of railway transportation in Russia. The characteristic of structure of the market of rolling stock, including freight cars, passenger cars, locomotives and electric trains is given. The author shows the dynamics of freight cars and locomotives output, changing Park specified rolling stock of OJSC «Russian Railways» for the period from 2001 by 2012. The market structure development of the rolling stock in conditions of reforming of railway transportation in Russia is discussed. The author makes a forecast of the post-reform state of the market of transport machine building main types ofproducts and offers ways of development of the competitive environment in railway industry.

Keywords: railway transport; competitive environment; monopoly; structural reforms; cargo transportation; the forecast

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