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Theoretical Aspects to Identification of Transactional Costs

Theoretical Aspects to Identification of Transactional Costs

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 5 (no. 1),
p. 26-38

The paper deals with the description of the most important theoretical aspects to identification of transaction costs based on treatises offoreign scholars, which was published from the beginning of the 20h century till nowadays. According to John Commons’ paradigm, transaction is considered as a basic unit of institutional researches. Modern condition of researches in the sphere of transaction © Вольчик В. В., Нечаев А. Д., 2014 costs is represented as a result of analysis of Coase, Williamson Arrow, North et all views to transaction costs’ identification.

Keywords: institutional economics; transaction; transaction costs; ex ante transaction costs; ex post transaction costs

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