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Airshow as A Driver of Regional Development

Airshow as A Driver of Regional Development

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 11 (no. 2),

The article examines the largest international aviation and space salons, as well as Russian aviation events of regional significance through the prism of their impact on the development of the local economy. The analysis showed the leadership of the Moscow aerospace salon (MAKS, Zhukovsky, Moscow region) in terms of public attention to the event in comparison with similar sites in France, Germany and the UK, and, at the same time, its significant lag in the size of contracts for the purchase of aircraft. The thesis is substantiated that the high demand for the open part of MAKS is due to the internal shortage of air shows, as well as national interest in aviation, despite the low availability of personal air transport. The economic effect of holding MAKS cascades to the regions where aircraft manufacturing enterprises are located, and also remains in the city and region hosting the event. A regional map of aviation events has been compiled, including air shows held within the framework of open military, sports programs and private initiatives. The established chronology of private airshows in 2010-2020 identifies this segment as a growth point. The largest private initiatives manage to become business projects and attract up to 20 thousand viewers, further developing event tourism using the created infrastructure. The potential of regional high-class air shows was revealed by the corporate Red Bull Air Race, which took place in Kazan in 2017-2019 and numbered about 100 thousand spectators annually. Despite the lack of clarity in the sector's public policy, the increase in private initiatives to hold air shows at restored local airfields and public attention to them indicate the growing potential of domestic demand for affordable personal aviation. The organization of such a market, which is significant for the regions, is the responsibility of federal industry regulators and their controlled aircraft manufacturers.

Keywords: international aerospace exhibitions; regional aviation events; general aviation; regional economy

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