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Institute of Investment Forums: Advanced Foreign Experience

Institute of Investment Forums: Advanced Foreign Experience

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 11 (no. 2),

International investment forums are a relatively new institutional form of attracting capital to the economy of a country or region. At the same time, such events are already taking place in many countries and, given their scale, they occupy a significant place in the national investment policies of host countries. However, this institution has not received wide coverage in the domestic and foreign scientific literature and, in fact, remains almost unknown. Based on the analysis of the largest international investment forums, the article focuses on the key functions of investment forums: attracting investment resources and strengthening the business reputation in the international arena of national business, as well as the country as a whole. The main indicators of success of the forums, which are most often found in press releases published by the organizers of the event, are also given. Their totality is divided into three groups – indicators of social, political and financial performance. Based on the priority of key missions and the balance of performance indicators, a classification of investment forums is: forum-project competition; forum-conference; forum-solemn event and forum-exhibition. In the final part of the work, there are the directions for further study of the role of investment forums in national economies.

Keywords: investment forums; innovative infrastructure; investment agreements; pitching sessions; “soft power”

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