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Тhe Analysis of Features Formation of the New Economic Mechanism of Rational Use Natural Resources in the Russian Federation

Тhe Analysis of Features Formation of the New Economic Mechanism of Rational Use Natural Resources in the Russian Federation

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 10 (no. 3),

The solution of problems of resource and ecological character in the modern world becomes the major condition performance before mankind of its rights for preservation of the favorable environment and also a factor which can in essential degree limit full development of world economy. The operating economic mechanism of innovative development shows that problems of ecological development gained already so large-scale character that it is almost impossible to solve them due to use of the operating tools. So, in 1992 at the international conference of the UN on the environment and development in Rio de Janeiro the document «The Agenda for the 21st Century» in which environmental problems, ways of their decision and an algorithm of transition to sustainable development which, as we know, is based on three components – social, economic and ecological development of the territory were designated was accepted. As shows experience of last years, it was succeeded to achieve performance of the set strategic tasks simply, and there was an increase in quantity of global problems and their aggravation. Formation of model of sustainable development is slowed down by imperfection acting in many countries including in Russia, the economic mechanism which cannot create necessary conditions and incentives for ecological and economic development. In article the main approaches to a concept of the economic mechanism of rational environmental management are considered, its main shortcomings existing at the moment in our country are analyzed and also the existing system of ecological taxes for the economic entities having negative impact on the environment and the system of ecological incentives for the enterprises introducing environmental technology in the production is considered.

Keywords: rational environmental management; sustainable development; economic mechanism; ecological payments; ecological and economic development

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