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Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste as Integral Element of Rational Use of Natural Resources

Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste as Integral Element of Rational Use of Natural Resources

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 10 (no. 1),

In the 21st century the special relevance among all global tasks is acquired by problems of increase in rates of social growth and satisfaction of needs of the population which involve increase in the global problems of society having ekologo-economic focus. Increase in volumes of household garbage which growth rates are so high that scientists call this problem of one of key global environmental problems becomes one of such problems. In this regard the solution of issues of competent utilization and processing of municipal solid waste that assumes use of innovative technologies of processing and introduction of new mechanisms of collecting and sorting of waste becomes the most important purpose of each country today. The analysis of scientific publications on this subject shows that the practical experience of processing of household garbage in the European countries has excellent results and can be introduced almost everywhere. The greatest success in the organization of processing of municipal solid waste is achieved in those countries where the state and municipalities is engaged in management of this sphere. Because in Russia the problem on utilization of municipal solid waste is not solved, studying of positive experience of other countries in this direction and the analysis of opportunities of adaptation of this experience under the Russian conditions is represented interesting. Also in article the analysis of the current situation on utilization and processing of household waste is carried out and some measures for improvement of mechanisms of the organization of this work are proposed.

Keywords: municipal solid waste; utilization and processing of household waste; recycling; environmental policy

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