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Problems of Improving the Quality of Education in Russian Higher Education

Problems of Improving the Quality of Education in Russian Higher Education

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 8 (no. 2),

Higher education today is developing in a highly competitive environment Competent positioning of the activity is the most important factor of success in the market. The quality of education is a defining position in the competitive struggle of domestic and foreign universities. The article considers the key role of education, which develops moral, spiritual, creative qualities of people and satisfies personal, group and social needs. Higher education in the field of educational services has a special significance, since it prepares personnel directly for work in various sectors of the national economy. The transition to the new federal state educational standards (GEF HPE), based on the competence approach and focused on the development of students' competencies – a dynamic set of knowledge, skills, practical experience and personal qualities that allow the graduate to successfully be professionally implemented in a wide range of economic sectors, is one From the leading trends of modern higher professional education. In this regard, there is a need for a competent orientation of not only the educational process itself, but also its monitoring and evaluation component. The reform of higher education in the Russian Federation continues to this day, setting universities the task of raising the quality of the educational process to the level of world standards. An important step in improving the educational activity of improving the quality of education in the university is the integration of science and the educational process, which allows to significantly improve the processes of forming the qualifications of graduates. The quality criteria for higher education varies considerably from country to country, however, key positions are maintained in many educational systems. However, the educational system has accumulated a large number of problems that reduce the prestige of higher education. These include universal accessibility, increased commercial reception, inadequate state funding, low demand for graduates, and others. The article considers some proposals on the solution of the above problems, the implementation of which, in our opinion, will contribute to improving the quality of education in Russian universities. On the example of the Regional Regional Russian University, the criteria for the quality of education in this institution are disclosed, which allows him to be among the leaders in the rati ng assessment.

Keywords: education; educational services; employment problem; quality; teacher rating; competitiveness; effective contract

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