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Cooperation of Higher Education Institutions and Industrial Enterprises for Ensuring Regional Development

Cooperation of Higher Education Institutions and Industrial Enterprises for Ensuring Regional Development

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 7 (no. 4),

The paper is devoted to a subject of creation of systems of interactions of universities and industrial enterprises for ensuring development of certain regions and all national economy. A research objective is the proof of expediency of creation and strengthening of ties education and business for a covering of need of the industrial enterprises for shots of the corresponding qualification. Problems and shortcomings of development of modern industrial sector are revealed. Expediency of use of practice of a clustering of the industry and the universities and activization of investment and innovative activity when developing industrial policy of regions is proved. A conclusion that the clustering of the industry and universities will lead to a prize from the accompanying economic effect which will allow them to create higher cost for the end users, than the companies isolated from each other is given. The scheme of interaction of universities and enterprises, spheres of implementation of negotiations on cooperation and economic effects for each of the parties is presented in the paper.

Keywords: universities; higher education; industry; system interaction; region; development; efficiency.

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