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On the Development Directions of Industrial Policy Institutions in Modern Economy

On the Development Directions of Industrial Policy Institutions in Modern Economy

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 7 (no. 4),

The author considers the use of the institutional planning as the tool for forming of public economic policy vector in modern Russia. Author accents attention on actuality of the examined methodology in the context of choosing the priority clusters of industrial politics. The necessity of development of conceptual approaches is marked at the study of structural elements of new industrial politics. The paper explains the focus of the transformation of the industrial sector in the implementation of the strategy of «crisis-accelerated development». The main evolutionary stages of forming a modern industrial policy in the Russian Federation are highlighted in the work. The author notes the need for a set of theoretical and methodological principles and the provisions of classical and evolutionary theory, institutionalism and focuses on their interdependence. The main conclusions are set on the basis of the ongoing economic and sociological surveys of enterprises of Rostov region involved in the innovation process, enabling to implement the basic tasks of the research project. Application of the method of discourse analysis and institutional economics methodology provides the qualitative interpretation of data derived from interviews. The need for further institutional reforms aimed at reducing transaction costs at all levels of implementation of industrial policy is proved in the conclusion.

Keywords: economic politics; industrial politics; institutional planning; industrial clusters; crisis; accelerated development; synergy; modernization; import substitution; economic security.

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