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Public management of small entrepreneurship development: theoretical foundations

Public management of small entrepreneurship development: theoretical foundations

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 5 (no. 2),
p. 47-53

The paper is devoted to the theoretical foundations analysis of public management development of small business. The author considers different approaches to the disclosure of the contents of this category, shows its relationship with the concepts of "state support of small business", "state regulation of small business". Some forms of public control of small business development are considered: among them "open government", participation in the administrative process of the business community (including commissions and councils at the state and municipal authorities, the participation of entrepreneurs or their representatives in the examination of draft laws, lobbying), the institution of Plenipotentiaries on the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, economic forums, regional scientific-practical conferences, workshops and "round tables", etc. The peculiarities and contradictions of the public administration of small business development in Russia are indicated, some ways of their permission are offered.

Keywords: public management of small entrepreneurship development; state regulation of small business; the state support of small entrepreneurship; the interaction between government and business

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