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The historical and genetic analysis of depression demonstration in economy of East Donbass territories

The historical and genetic analysis of depression demonstration in economy of East Donbass territories

Journal of Economic Regulation, , Vol. 4 (no. 4),
p. 85-91

Formation of the new economic relations was directly reflected in stability of economic structure of East Donbass territories. The region underwent considerable reduction of industrial outputs and unemployment strengthening, in the presence of essential restrictions for formation of the new opportunities promoting maintenance at this stage of activity of the region as the largest industrial center with specialization in coal branch. Definition of the directions and priorities of regional development of depressive territories keeps the relevance in this connection, carrying out the historical and genetic analysis becomes a basis for detection of features of the developing economic relations in the exploring territory.
The authors present the result of the analysis of development of East Donbass territories. The main development problems and prospects the region are defined. The contribution of training and vocational training of dismissed workers and created subjects of small business is specified.

Keywords: depressive territory; regional development; crisis; reform; business

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